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Transactions involving commercial real estate can have a profound impact on a business. The location of a business and the stability of that location can directly contribute to the business’s success or failure. When facing commercial real estate matters, turn to our attorneys at Rosenberg Feldman Smith, LLP, in New York .

Using decades of experience and a multifaceted approach to commercial law cases, our firm is able to efficiently address the real estate issues you are facing and begin strategically devising an approach through which we can seek a resolution.

Real Estate Contracts

Most of the work we do in real estate transaction matters involves contracts. Whether we are drafting contracts to suit your interests, reviewing documents to fully grasp the terms and conditions, or negotiating contracts so your rights are protected, our firm is dedicated to helping commercial real estate clients at every step of the process.

It is essential that you thoroughly understand the terms of any contracts you are signing during the process of buying real estate, selling property, leasing a space or developing real property.

In addition to our contract and transactional work in the area of real estate, we have an in-depth real estate litigation practice that focuses on taking action to resolve real estate disputes in court or through alternative dispute resolution.

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